DATANOMICS helps to improve business performance, optimize customer service and production processes, increase revenue, prevent accidents and reduce damage to the environment through Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence services. We work with our customers to drive sustainable success.

We use technologies that optimize business outcomes

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How it works

Each company in the course of its activity accumulates various data. All sorts of external factors influence the process of the company’s work. Modern technologies allow you to process large amounts of data, take into account external factors and make predictions on their basis that help to solve challenging tasks.

Datanomics offers solutions based on Microsoft Azure cloud. Our solutions are accessible via custom APIs deployed in our customers' Microsoft Azure environments.

We offer

Proof of Concept

Validate the feasibility of your AI initiative with a Proof of Concept.

In the 6-week Proof of Concept (POC)/pilot project engagement we help to translate a business-specific challenge into an ML objective and construct an ML model using your dataset.

  • Week 1
    Translating problem to a machine learning objective
  • Week 2
    Extract data and data preparation
  • Week 3
    Analysis and data understanding
  • Week 4
    Constructing ML models and evaluate their performance
  • Week 6
    Exploring options for model deployment

AI Implementation

Datanomics offers development and deployment of AI solutions, which includes predictive analytics for retail and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) businesses, prescriptive analytics and digital twin development for manufacturing processes.

Our solutions establish an automated AI environment to meet your business objectives and maximize ROI. We can help with every step of your AI project from Proof of Concept to secure, scalable and industry compliant solutions.

The result is a customized AI solution that help you plan smarter, act faster and grow your competitive advantage by increasing revenue and decreasing costs.

Let's build your future

Time-proven expertise in Azure cloud technologies, combined with our team of highly qualified data scientists, enables us to successfully execute and oversee challenging digital projects for the retail, consumer goods and industrial sectors.
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