Beltel Datanomics has increased the forecasting accuracy of the retail network automated ordering system for the agro-holding company “Russkoe pole ”by 40%


Beltel Datanomics was tasked with increasing the accuracy of forecasting for the existing automated ordering module of the branded retail “Pavlovskaya Kurochka” of the agricultural holding “Russkoe pole”.


To solve this task, the analytical service Datanomics Demand Forecast (DDF) based on machine learning was applied. The service works on a SaaS model, providing forecasts on a store-SKU basis for each day with a weekly forecasting horizon. The results of the DDF service are integrated into the customer’s business systems.

Moving the forecasting service to Yandex Cloud allowed for billing optimization and reduced expenses for cloud resource maintenance.

Distributed computing for order forecasting is carried out using the Yandex DataProc service. It is a managed, flexible tool for storing and processing large data that allows for changing the number of hosts on a running cluster without interrupting tasks. An additional virtual machine was created in the Compute Cloud service, which allows for task control in Yandex DataProc. Data, task logs, and forecast update scripts are stored in S3 Object Storage, while Yandex Virtual Private Cloud is used for managing the cloud network infrastructure.


  • New forecasting algorithm is 40% more effective than the previous one
  • All 110 stores of the agricultural holding were connected to the service
  • The service is capable of automatically providing forecasts for sells during promotions

Valery Naumov, Director of the Information Technology Department of «Russkoe Pole»:
«The Datanomics Demand Forecast service includes not only a fully automated demand forecast for our retail network, but also expert support for the Beltel Datanomics analytics team. Our plans include further development of the service’s functionality and a transition from normative insurance reserves to algorithmically computed ones, which will increase the inventory turnover rate and reduce the share of missed profits due to product unavailability on the shelves.» (Quote translated from Russian)

The agroholding «Russkoe Pole» is one of the leading producers of agricultural products in the European part of Russia. The agroholding’s own retail network, has been operating under the brand «Pavlovskaya Kurochka,» since 2008.

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