Round table: 2020. Digital-style life. Processes, systems and teams restart

Beltel Datanomics together with Microsoft have organized a round table titled «2020. Digital-style life. Processes, systems and teams restart» in Microsoft office in Saint-Petersburg.

Pavel Chuzhmarov, Microsoft Partner Technology Lead, shared his thoughts on AI trends in retail and FMCG market segments.

Anna Plemyashova, Datanomics Strategic Director, gave a talk on value creation via digital transformation of business illustrating it with real business cases carried out by the company.

Sergey Kravchenko, Datanomics Senior Data Analyst, presented the details of their project fulfilment in the sphere of demand forecast using machine learning methods in order to train a federal retail network.

Oksana Pikuleva’s speech « When we don’t want to change anything but have to » finalized the discussion. Oksana, Doctor of Psychology at Saint Petersburg State University Graduate School of Management, spoke about the most frequent mistakes management teams make when implementing changes. 

The attendees took an active part in the discussion as well as in group activities. Everyone was pleased to rate the event as useful.

We look forward to further communication with all the participants while preparing similar events in other cities.   

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