Results for three years of Datanomics

Currently, Datanomics portfolio includes 6 solutions:

For retail:

  • Demand forecast and auto order using machine learning
  • Recommendation services and personalized offers
  • Computer vision solutions

For industrial enterprises:

  • Datanomics Advanced Process Control
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Solutions using computer vision for production (process control, quality control, PPE, and so on)

Datanomics has completed about 10 projects, including: planning the volume of purchases of goods for the period of promotions, forecasting demand for each customer’s store in the context of product nomenclatures for use in the ADM module, reducing returns of perishable products, monitoring sales shelves, reducing the percentage of sugar losses at the diffusion department of the plant using machine learning technology and other projects.

Customers note Datanomics specialists deep mathematical expertise and mastery of the latest development technologies.

Beltel Datanomics has industry awards — in 2018 the company was recognized as the best Microsoft partner in Russia in the «Big Data Analytics» nomination for a solution to control coke oven gas emissions using analytics and work with big data based on Microsoft Azure services.

This year, the division plans to double its revenue by working with existing customers and attracting new ones.

“Three years is a short period for the company, but during this time we have gained tremendous experience in developing innovative solutions and their implementation, which will definitely help us in the future. The current economic situation makes adjustments to the work of many companies, but at the same time acts as a catalyst for the introduction of new inventions that increase business efficiency, ”says Anna Plemyashova, Head of Beltel Datanomics.

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