Industrial Internet of things (IIoT). What key performance indicators can industrial enterprises achieve by implementing IoT projects

April 24, 2018 Committee on Innovation and Intellectual Systems SPIBA, of which BELTEL is a member, held a discussion «Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). What key performance indicators can industrial enterprises achieve by implementing IoT projects? »

The idea of ​​the event was not accidental. According to the polls, the Internet of things (IoT) technology is of highly interest among SPIBA members. SPIBA members are large industrial enterprises, some of which are already taking the first steps towards implementing projects in this field.

During the discussion it was proposed to discuss what should the companies that are entering the projects of digital transformation pay attention to and to consider the specific cases and tools that exist on the market of solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things. The moderator of the discussion was Anna Plemyashova, Director of Corporate Strategy and Development, BELTEL.

Sergey Nagorny, Microsoft, told how the factory of the future can look, what Microsoft technology platforms can be used to simplify and quickly introduce advanced technologies in the enterprise. Sergey shared the unique solution Azure IoT Edge — transfer from the cloud to the periphery the key work processes to ensure reliability and security. Not all enterprises can make business processes in cloud architecture, the IoT Edge solution will allow to combine the capabilities of cloud technologies and the requirements for infrastructure security. On the example of several real cases, Sergey showed how Microsoft solutions work and help business to be more effective.

Anton Sergeev, SUAI, focused the audience’s attention on technological challenges related to the Internet of Things. One of the most topical is the lack of specialists. Both the speakers and the audience agreed with this statement. Anton demonstrated how the project learning model works in the Engineering School of the Internet of things of SUAI and how important it is to form a curriculum on the basis of practical tasks received from an industrial partner.

Messian Uhlov, MTS, spoke about the deployment of networks using NB-IoT technology (narrow-band LTE for IOT applications) and shared the capabilities of the product of the company «Telemetering of data». Information about real cases and project budgets was particularly interesting and valuable for listeners. For example, a solution for network retail, where the cost of equipment for 1 store was only 91,500 rubles, and maintenance was 1,850 rubles per month, helped to achieve the result of saving electricity at the level of 10-15%.

Sergey Shcherbakov, Beltel Datanomics, began his presentation and attracted the attention of the audience to the importance of building a logical and transparent data infrastructure. The data today represent the digital asset of the enterprise. In the nearest future, it will allow to increase production efficiency, optimize costs or find new sources of monetization. On the example of the graph of the evolution of data analytics, Sergey talked about the necessary volumes of data accumulation. How much data is needed to build, for example, an energy management system, and how much data is required for the process optimization system using Artificial Intelligence. Sergey also cited examples of finished cases and solutions being developed for Beltel’s customers, demonstrated a case of monitoring a technological object using computer vision.

The budget of such projects caused a lively interest of the audience. The current development of technology has made advanced analytics solutions available even for small businesses. For example, the product for forecasting demand by machine learning methods, developed by Beltel in order to minimize the return of bakery products, saved production 500,000 rubles per month, and the cost of the subscription (SaaS model) did not exceed 50,000 rubles per month.

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