Datanomics spoke at the international Pharmtech & Ingredients exhibition

On November 20, a discussion panel on “Data Integrity Management: Key Aspects” was held at Pharmtech & Ingredients.

The event took place within the framework of the Round Table “The Era of Digitalization and Data Integrity. Industry view». In the framework of the discussion, experts discussed the main trends of digitalization, automation and quality assurance in pharmaceutical production.

The panel began with a discussion of the major trends in the digital economy today. Anna Plemyashova, Director of Corporate Strategy and Development, BELTEL, told about the benefits of Big Data analytics and artificial intelligence.

“The data in the current slice is a full-fledged business asset. They will help improve efficiency in the future and generate income. Modern computing power allows you to process big data. And as soon as we begin to accumulate this data, we can analyze it. I see many opportunities in this area for the pharmaceutical industry: for example, predictive maintenance of equipment, one of the trends in production. Accumulated data helps to build intelligent systems that will contribute to successful optimization of many processes”.

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