Beltel Datanomics took part in the SPIBA and HSE Roundtable «Digital Transformation of Companies: New Business Scenarios in the Knowledge Economy»

The main requirement for using a huge range of machine learning capabilities is the availability of data.

The activities of companies should be digitized, namely:

  • enterprise assets: sensors and telemetry transmission, data storage, connected devices, etc.
  • operations: processes, including technological, payments, business models of interaction with customers, supply chain
  • workforce: skills development of employees in terms of developing their skills in IT technologies.

Anna Plemyashova, Development Director of BELTEL, Datanomics division within the framework of the SPIBA and HSE Roundtable » Digital Transformation of Companies: New Business Scenarios in the Knowledge Economy «, spoke about prospects and challenges that await companies in the era of the digital economy, as well as the emergence of new business processes and models of activity. The roundtable was held on September 14, 2017 in the framework of the international conference «BRICS Global Business & Innovation Conference 2017».

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